Spicy Green Tomato Relish

A resurrected master recipe passed down from great-granny Ida (and her grandma too). More savoury than our Ripe Tomato Relish with some sweet and sour notes. We are fussy about all the fruit we buy, but we like our green tomatoes to be quite hard and dark green so that they not only give us the slight tartness that we like, but also a good, firm texture.

Perfect with:

Eggs any way
Mix it into casseroles
Combine it with sour cream for a dip
Spectacular with a robust cheddar, a nutty Emmental or a creamy brie
A bunch of flowers for your loves


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Ingredients: Green Tomato (51%), vinegar, onion, sugar, cornflour, spices, salt

Nutritional Info

Serves per pack: 33, Serve size: 10g