Byrne & Love: Green Leaf & White Lily

The word ‘baile’ (“bol-yeh”) means home, and for our founder, home will always be Ireland. Our Baile fragrance is an ode to summertime there and to the fond childhood memories of rose gardens in full bloom and the smell of freshly cut grass blowing in from rolling green fields. Top notes of green leaf and young flower stems settle into a floral heart of rose and luscious white lily as springtime hyacinth intermingles with freesia, a flower with buds that smell like summertime fruits. And then, this buoyant bouquet is softened by a base of mild, earthy musk, reminiscent of those warm summer evenings spent in Ireland, when it was home.


Top: Green Leaf, Flower Stems

Heart: Hyacinth, White Lily, Rose, Freesia

Base: Musk

Vegan soy candles, made in Australia.